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Medical Equipment Malpractice Negligence Part II

Medical Equipment Malpractice Negligence Part II

medical equipment malpractice

In addition to medical equipment malpractice negligence that occurs involving the mechanical and structural aspects of development and function is that caused by human error.

Doctors, specialists, technicians, maintenance workers, and even cleaning crew individuals may be liable in cases of medical equipment malpractice. Potential scenarios include improper machine use, lack of maintenance, deficient technician training, and misinterpretation of results. Patient identity errors and errors regarding test types can also lead to misuse of medical equipment, as can entering improper settings on machines that dispense intravenous medication, regulate breathing, or perform other pertinent medically related functions. Such errors can result in misdiagnosis, critical injury, or death.

Liability may overlap in different ways: more than one professional or individual may be liable in such cases, and more than one medical equipment malpractice scenario may occur at the same time. One example is a situation in which medical imaging has been done utilizing medical equipment known to be faulty, which in turn produced incorrect results and caused harm to a patient in the form of improper treatment or no treatment. In such a case the individual or individuals and/or companies responsible for the maintenance of the medical equipment may be liable, as well as the manufacturer, and possibly even medical professionals.

In provable cases of medical equipment malpractice negligence in which legal action will be taken, an expert lawyer or legal team should be sought as soon as possible. Providing as much information and as many provable facts as possible is essential. Doing so helps build a solid legal case and provide justice and maximum compensation for victims.

Noted record-setting attorney Richard “Bo” Sharp, Esq., along with Mallard & Sharp, P.A.’s legal team, is dedicated to providing clients with the path to justice and financial recovery. The firm handles a wide variety of cases that involve provable medical malpractice negligence, birth injuries, negligent security, and related issues as well as any other acts of negligence that cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death to individuals.

For additional information or to inquire about hiring expert legal representation for a potential case involving medical equipment malpractice negligence, contact Mallard & Sharp, P.A. at 305-461-4800.

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