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Covid-19 Commercial Litigation: New Facets & Functions

covid-19 commercial litigation

From business interruptions to breached contracts, the legal effects of COVID-19 commercial litigation have thrown the legal industry for a loop. A big, resounding one. Like the ripples of a stone thrown into a pond, those effects extend not only from one end of the U.S. to the other, but also internationally. This can create additional legal costs and new challenges. Not to mention the newly established legal scenarios involving privacy and other law-related aspects as they relate to COVID-19 commercial litigation that lawyers and legal teams are facing every day. Added to all of this is the fact that many...

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Breach Of Contract And Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Breach of contract and commercial litigation

In addition to fraud and employment issues, breach of contract ranks high among cases that lead to commercial litigation. A contract is considered to be breached when certain specified duties are promised to be performed and that promise is not fulfilled. These can include expected services, mutually agreed-upon compensation, or other scenarios. When even one aspect of a written or oral contract is not upheld by a party who is legally bound to the contract, a breach occurs. A breach of contract can affect an array of parties, from individuals to major corporations, and can even result in a class-action...

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Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Commercial Litigation

From individuals to major corporations, there are a number of potential business scenarios that can result in commercial litigation. While breach of contract, fraud, and employment issues are a few of the more common litigation topics, the specific case types that fall under each of these are many and varied. Further, in some instances, more than one business-related situation requiring legal intervention occurs at the same time. Such overlapping can create complicated litigation and should be reviewed by experienced commercial attorneys for the best outcome. The following is a brief overview of breach of contract, fraud, and employment disputes in...

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