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Miami Lawyer Richard “Bo” Sharp Secures Third Largest Medical Malpractice Settlement In U.S.

Miami Lawyer Richard “Bo” Sharp Secures Third Largest Medical Malpractice Settlement In U.S.

Medical Malpractice Settlement Bo Sharp


December 1, 2023                 

MIAMI, Florida – Noted record-setting medical malpractice birth injury lawyer Richard “Bo” Sharp of the Miami law firm Mallard & Sharp has recently been named to the top ten settlements list for 2022. Sharp, who was previously recognized for recovering one of the top 21 personal injury verdicts nationally for 2017, has been listed third on Top Verdict’s top ten list for medical malpractice settlements recovered in the nation last year.

The recovery in the case was a record-setting $12,000,000 settlement in the Federal Tort Claim Action styled HACKING vs. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Case No.: 2:19-cv-14449-). It represents the largest birth injury medical malpractice settlement with the Federal Government in Florida to date as well as being one of the largest Federal birth injury settlements ever recovered nationally. Additionally, the settlement is one of the largest Federal Tort Claim settlements of any kind, and potentially the largest, to ever be recovered for a personal injury action in Florida. The case involved provable acts of medical negligence committed by a certified nurse midwife during a mother’s labor and her baby’s delivery that resulted in catastrophic consequences.

In a article by Raychel Lean dated April 11, 2022, Lean notes that Sharp credited 55 depositions as key tools in achieving the settlement – including one in which the nurse midwife admitted the standard of care was not met.

Sharp, along with law partner Vidian Mallard, have become well noted both in Miami and nationwide for their continual efforts in obtaining justice for individuals and families who are the victims of birth injury medical malpractice, particularly when it occurs during labor and delivery. Their successful cases have involved provable doctor or midwife medical malpractice birth injury negligence that has resulted in brain-related injuries and other injuries, including Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) and cerebral palsy.

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