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Statutes of Limitations in Florida

Statutes of Limitations in Florida

Statutes of Limitations in Florida

Time is an important factor when it comes to Statutes of Limitations in Florida and legal cases. Unfortunately, it can become a pressing issue.

While trying to gather information and coordinate legal findings quickly can be difficult to do while grieving, caring for injuries, adjusting to a new way of living, or any combination of these challenges, it is essential to do in order to achieve justice and secure maximum allowable compensation in lawsuits.

An important aspect of law that relates directly to being able to take legal action in the majority of potential and provable law cases is the statute of limitations. In both civil and criminal cases there is a maximum time frame within which the party or parties involved are legally required to initiate legal proceedings. Not initiating such proceedings within the legally allotted time frame can cause a loss of the right to take legal action.

Exceptions include cases involving murder, kidnapping, sex offenses, or other serious crimes, which may not have a statute of limitations.

There are also other specific limited instances in which the statute of limitations for a case may be extended. However, these are rare and generally require particular legal scenarios in order for an extension to be granted. It should never be assumed that an extension will be granted.

The following are some of the time frames for Statutes of Limitations in Florida1:

Written Contracts                    5 years

Oral Contracts                         4 years

Injury                                      4 years

Property Damage                     4 years

First Degree Misdemeanor       2 years

Second Degree Misdemeanor  1 year

First Degree Felony                 4 years

Other Felonies                         3 years

For more information regarding Florida statutes visit or contact an expert lawyer or legal team.

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