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Medication Related Birth Injuries

Medication Related Birth Injuries

Medication Related Birth Injuries

While some medications utilized during labor and delivery are essential, helpful, or cause no harm, others can have devastating effects on an infant. This, in turn, can create emotional, physical, and financial hardships for parents. Medication related birth injuries can range from deficits in attention and feeding to heart and kidney problems.1

There are a number of scenarios in which medication related birth injuries may be due to medical malpractice negligence. Failure to properly monitor maternal medication dosages in pregnancies in which babies have low birth weights is one such instance. Another is the potential for a brachial plexus birth injury (BPBI) as a result of the use of labor-inducing oxytocin.2 Still another is the administration of the wrong drug during labor and delivery.

More than one professional or entity may be responsible in such cases of medical malpractice. Medication related birth injuries may result due to the negligence of an obstetrician, midwife, nurse, medical technician, or other medical professional, or a combination of these individuals. Cautious monitoring before and during a baby’s delivery can help to avoid catastrophic problems involving medication related birth injuries.

Parents whose infants have suffered a provable medication related birth injury not only seek valid answers to their questions, but also helpful direction and effective assistance. Selecting an expert lawyer or legal team is crucial, not only to help ensure justice, but also to obtain fair compensation. This is especially important in cases of long-term birth injuries due to ongoing costs for care. Richard “Bo” Sharp, Esq. and Mallard & Sharp, P.A.’s goal is to achieve justice for individuals and families who are victims of birth injury medical malpractice negligence, especially when such malpractice occurs during labor and delivery. This includes cases involving medication related birth injuries.

Mallard & Sharp, P.A. is dedicated to providing clients with the path to justice and financial recovery. The firm handles cases that involve birth injuries, medical malpractice, and negligent security, as well as other acts of negligence that cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death to individuals.

For more information or to inquire about hiring expert legal representation for a potential birth injury medical malpractice negligence case, including a provable medication related birth injury, contact Mallard & Sharp, P.A. at 305-461-4800.

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