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Neonatal Seizure Birth Injuries Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Neonatal Seizure Birth Injuries Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Neonatal Seizure Birth Injuries

Neonatal seizure birth injuries are estimated to occur in approximately 80-120 infants for every 100,000 born in the United States.1 Along with concerns about treatment and care, parents whose infants experience such seizures generally have many questions, including, “What caused my baby to have a seizure?”

A variety of conditions, events, and situations can cause a newborn to have a seizure. These include having an inherited condition known as benign familial neonatal seizures (BFNS).2 The most common cause, however, is a lack of oxygen before or during birth due to Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE).3 HIE is the result of the brain not receiving enough oxygen or being subject to a reduction in blood flow. In some cases it is the cause of birth injury medical malpractice negligence. Neonatal seizures can also be caused by:4,5,6,7

— Umbilical cord compression

— A bacterial or viral brain infection, such as bacterial meningitis or viral meningoencephalitis

— A focal ischemic stroke

— A blood clot in the infant’s brain

— Bleeding in the infant’s brain (intracranial hemorrhage)

— Brain birth defects (congenital cerebral malformations)

— Drug withdrawal

— Metabolic disorders

Any of these scenarios may involve medical malpractice negligence. Improper care, lack of testing, misdiagnosis, and medication errors are only some of the potential malpractice negligence situations that may lead to neonatal seizure birth injuries.

Parents whose infants have suffered a neonatal seizure birth injury due to provable medical malpractice negligence not only want valid answers to their questions, but also a combination of useful direction and effective assistance. Selecting an expert lawyer or legal team is essential, not only to help ensure justice, but also to secure fair compensation. This is especially important in cases of long-term birth injuries related to neonatal seizure birth injury medical malpractice. Richard “Bo” Sharp, Esq. and Mallard & Sharp, P.A.’s goal is to obtain justice for individuals and families who are victims of birth injury medical malpractice negligence, especially when such malpractice occurs during labor and delivery. This includes cases involving neonatal seizure birth injuries.

Mallard & Sharp, P.A. is dedicated to providing every client with the path to justice and financial recovery. The firm continually handles critical cases that involve birth injuries, medical malpractice negligence, and negligent security, as well as any other acts of negligence that cause catastrophic injuries or wrongful death to individuals.

For more information or to inquire about obtaining expert legal representation for a potential birth injury medical malpractice negligence case, including one involving a neonatal seizure medical malpractice birth injury, contact Mallard & Sharp, P.A. at 305-461-4800.








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